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I've used before and just recently I'm being asked for a username and password. Why?

We just recently changed the procedure for accessing data via We provide two services, a free service and a subscription based service. Previously we would differentiate the two services by IP addresses. We have now come up with a system to differentiate subscribers and non-subscribers by username and password. Everything else remains the same, and once you fill out the form and have been emailed your password you will be able to access data the way you have been.

How do I find out my password?

Next to where it asks for username and password is a hyperlink that says "Click here to sign up for the free ...". Click that and fill out the form. If you are signing up for the free registration you can leave the credit card field blank. Once you submit the form you will be emailed a password shortly thereafter. The password and the username are CASE sensitive.

I filled out the form and have yet to receive my password via email?

We are aware of a bug that causes 2% of users not to receive their password via email. If you have not been emailed your password within 30 minutes please send an email to and provide last name and email address that you used when registering and we will email you back your password manually.

Is the service still free to use?

Yes. The site is still free if you are looking up an individual property by address, lot, block or assessed value. However, you will still need to sign up for the free membership in order to obtain a password. If you wish to download the information, do mail merges, mailing labels, search by name, or search by state, you need a paid subscription .

I enter the username and password that I was emailed and your service still won't let me login? Why?

This most like due to one of two things. Either 1)You are not entering your username and password correctly. The password and the username are CASE sensitive. Your password is always in CAPS. Your username depends on how you entered it during registration, or 2) You have set your web browser so that it does not accept cookies. You must be able to accept cookies in order to login.

Are You the Tax Assessor?

No. We are not the Tax Assessor. We are a computer company that provides this information as a service. If you have a question or would like to verify data regarding a certain property we suggest you call that townships Tax Assessor. You can obtain that number from your phone company's information number.

Is free to use?

The site is free if you are looking up an individual property by address, lot, block or assessed value. However if you wish to download the information, do mail merges, mailing labels, search by name, or search by state, you need a paid subscription.

I keep getting a message "Invalid IP". Why is this happening?

You are either searching by name or searching by state which is reserved for those with a paid subscription . If you are searching for an individual property be sure to leave out the name field and be sure to specify a city/township as nonpaying-subscribers can not search by state.

I keep getting "Sorry No Matches" for a property that I know exists. Why?

Keep it simple. The less information you enter the better. Your best bet:

  1. enter the street address in the field labeled address or the street name in the field labeled street
  2. leave all the other fields blank
  3. select the city or town from the pulldown menu
  4. Leave all other pulldown menus with their default selections
  5. Submit your query

Note: It is usually best to leave off street indicators such as ave, drive,or street. ie "123 Lincoln Drive" would be entered "123 Lincoln"

Note:**VERY IMPORTANT: When you do receive a "NO MATCHES" message and go back to the main screen to resubmit your search info, be sure to clear your cache by hitting 'reload' or 'refresh' on your PC.

How often is updated?

It depends on the county. Some, such as Ocean County are updated quarterly. Others are updated either bi-annually or annually. All of Maryland is updated annually.

I've used before with no problems now I get an "Invalid IP" error. Why?

Most likely you are trying to search by name and we have recently disabled that feature for non-subscribers. The site is still free to use if you search by street, lot, block, or assessed value. If you need to search by owner's name you should consider subscribing.

How can I get the mailmerge feature to work?

If you are not a subscriber you will not be able to use this feature. If you are a subscriber you need to become familiar with using the mail merge feature in Microsoft Word. .

What benefits are there in subscribing?

  • Unlimited 'Mail Merging' capability to create labels, form letters, envelopes, postcards, etc.
  • Unlimited downloading capability.
  • State-wide searching capability.
  • Owner searching.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

$50 a month for an individual or $100 a month for an entire office.

How do I go about subscribing?

In the very near future you will be able to subscribe online using a Visa or Mastercard. Meanwhile, if you are interested in subscribing give us a call at (888) 546-4466 .


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